Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fess up, Theo!

STATE BROADCASTER HANKERING AFTER SUN JOURNALIST...and not for his communication skills.

Someone at the CBC in Toronto has a crush on Theo Caldwell. Check out the DOH Sitemeter stats page for hits to this blog (it's linked to a lighthearted piece I wrote about Theo a few weeks ago).

Seems some gal at the CBC (or maybe this is a mancrush, who knows?) wants to know Theo’s marital status. Check out the “search words” (scroll down).

is theo caldwell married

So is he? Go ahead, Theo, tell us. We can take it. Disappoint all the young ladies out there (or the moms like me who would like to introduce you to our single and gorgeous daughters).

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  1. School girl infatuation or man-crush? We report, you decide.