Friday, May 6, 2011

More on Catholic bloggers

And the Vatican meeting. From the Ironic Catholic:
 Elizabeth Scalia, in my opinion, brought down the house with her presentation on the spiritual battlefield of the heart that bloggers must push through, and how the dark side of blogging is seen in using the medium to feed your ego and convince yourself that your self-selected friends speak for the whole world and are the '"true" Catholics.
[...] A lot of good is done through blogging, and the potential is enormous. It is a medium with limits (brevity, speed of output, misreadings of written intentions), but with incredible strength as well (brevity!, outreach, worldwide engagement, access to information). I think we need to remember that hope and humility attract, and pride and hypocrisy drive people away—and away from more than your blog, away from the Church. Ultimately away from God.
Mea culpa!

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