Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Even though I am not a boy

I still feel like an Eavesdropper on this site, because I don't *really* belong there, because I am an Old Married Lady. It is called Seraphic Singles, and it has lots of good (and clever and funny and wise) dating advice for young Catholic women (and the Men Who Eavesdrop, for as Seraphic has pointed out on countless occasions, it is a GIRL BLOG).

But I am, to paraphrase Silas Wegg (at least the film version), "flush with girls," especially young Catholic single ones, so I feel it incumbent to read this blog on their behalf, and pass on any great tidbits.

Other Catholic moms with Single Daughters of courtship dating age may wish to do the same.

Yesterday (in honour of St. Joseph), it was Gentlemen's Day, on which Seraphic graciously allowed boys to have their say.  Here is what one young man (who signed himself "It's Just Coffee") wrote. It will resonate.
“Why does it seem so much harder for Catholic/Christian women to accept date invitations than for secular women”? There have been a couple instances when I asked out a Catholic woman and she anxiously mulled it over for days before saying “we don’t know each other well enough to date” or something to that effect. Other Catholic/Christian men have made similar observations, and have noted that secular women accept invitations more readily.
This all might have something to do with the fact that, in [American] Catholic circles, everyone knows you don’t date unless you’re planning to marry and you don’t date anyone you wouldn’t marry… therefore, nobody will date unless they’re sure that they’re ready to marry that person RIGHT NOW… I think both men and women have seen how this logic seems sound but leads to absurd outcomes.
Of course, you will have to hop on over  to SS to see how Auntie Seraphic (and the combox boys) respond to his question. 

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