Friday, March 15, 2013

Mark Steyn, honorary Catholic

And I mean that in a GOOD way. You can also tell he's still Canadian, because he has heard of Peter Mansbridge (and understands him completely). Some great comments (on Hugh Hewitt) on the MSM's handling of the papal conclave/election. 
Well, you know, I think the papal coverage in the so-called serious media, particularly in the United States but elsewhere, too, has been completely ridiculous. [...] I mean, this idea, the parochialism of it, the idea that somehow the American media’s preoccupations – gay marriage and abortion, should also be the preoccupations of the oldest continuously functioning entity in the world. [...] and the fact that these guys have to go to Columbia Journalism School to talk this kind of ignorant codswallop to the world, is amazing to me.
I saw Canada’s most famous newsreader, a man who’s like the Peter Jennings and Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw rolled into one, a guy called Peter Mansbridge. He interviewed Cardinal Ouelette, the former archbishop of Quebec, who was in the running to become the first Canadian pope at this conclave. And you could, and again, he was asking these shallow, secular…the questioning from a shallow, secular perspective. And Cardinal Ouelette is far too polite a man to say to him this is the dumbest bunch of questions I’ve ever had to sit through...
I will never forget Peter Mansbridge's coverage of Mother Teresa's funeral. He turned to his colleague and said, in his serious, sonorous, time-filling, journalist-guy voice. "You have to wonder now, whether her order will continue into the future..." or something equally preposterous and ignorant. Canada's "most trusted news anchor" probably thought Mother Teresa had, like six old nuns working alonside her in the slums of India. He did not know that the Missionaries of Charity had gone worldwide and had thousands of members. Did. Not. Know. 

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