Friday, March 8, 2013

More IWD fun

This just in, via email. Not sure why I received it, because I am not a member of the CWL, but that's a story for another day. You know what? I'm not even going to fisk this, because you gals are all smart enough to do it yourselves.

And I'm tired. I have some dishes to wash, and a school day/week to finish (a.k.a. "mentoring my children in their Education Story") and a long article to write, due Monday. And later I'm going to "take a baby step towards food sovereignty" by cooking dinner, using some veggies I grew last summer in my garden--and I didn't even need a workshop or small group sharing to accomplish any of it!

In short, I'm going to observe International Women's Day by being a MOM, in the Mom Arena. (BTW, the "Food Arena" sounds like MY kind of sports facility. I wonder if that's where they stage The Hunger Games...)

I just have this to add: "Unrecognized leadership roles"??? Has this lady never heard of, oh... women PIONEERS? This is the part that really burns: my TAX dollars are funding this detritus.

Just think on this for a moment: to observe International Women's Day (a feminist feast day), the government (run by feminists) is using confiscated tax dollars to teach women how to cook and raise gardens. Do you know why women lost these skills? Feminism. Head exploding now.

Attention: Members of CWL and all other *Unnamed Town* Women's Groups re: International Women's Day

Media Release                                                                                                                                                                                                                            March 6, 2013

NFU commemorates International Women’s Day
SK women celebrate knowledge of and leadership in the food arena

Saskatoon, SK – Saskatchewan women will join thousands of women around the world to celebrate International Women’s Day on and around March 8. One of the activities in Saskatchewan will be a series of interactive workshops,Mentoring Women in their Food Story: Planting the Seeds of Leadership Together, organized by the NFU Women’s Advisory with funding from Saskatchewan Status of Women.

Marcella Pedersen, NFU Women’s Advisory in Saskatchewan, is convinced that women play critical, but often unrecognized leadership roles in their communities and on their farms. “Women have an incredible body of knowledge and expertise in producing food that is too often taken for granted or ignored,” she says. “We need to come together and claim that wisdom – to talk about what we know and to learn from and encourage one another.”

Pedersen sees producing one’s own food as a radical act and a baby step toward food sovereignty. “The food we grow for ourselves reconnects us to the heart of at least a small part of the food system,” she says. “The long-term goal is for a food system and food policies that puts the needs and interests of producers, distributers and consumers at its very heart. With these workshops, we truly are beginning with tiny steps.”

“The bottom line,” Pedersen says, “is that we want to bring together people with common interests in food for mutual support and encouragement. Such a gathering lets us step back from the daily rush of life, and give food, food production and food producers all the attention they deserve.”
All people, regardless of cooking or gardening experience, are welcome to attend the workshops, for which there is no charge. The process encourages people to identify and claim their skills and knowledge as valued and valuable.


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