Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quotation of the day

 If spiritual pastors are to refrain from saying anything that might ever, by any possibility, be misunderstood by anybody, they will end—as in fact many of them do—by never saying anything worth hearing.
Dorothy L. Sayers
The Greatest Drama Ever Staged

In my view, DLS is right up there with Flannery in the pantheon of wise and witty Christian writers. She is as much to be admired for her fiction (Lord Peter) as for her work on art, culture, philosophy, theology. If by chance, the Paschal Mystery has become "dull" to you over the years, then hop on over and peruse this short essay by Miss Sayers. Good Lenten reading.

Just one more snippet (on repentance):
All of us, perhaps, are too ready, when our behaviour turns out to have appalling consequences, to rush out and hang ourselves. Sometimes we do worse, and show an inclination to go and hang other people. Judas, at least, seems to have blamed nobody but himself, and St. Peter, who had a minor betrayal of his own to weep for, made his act of contrition and waited to see what came next. 

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