Friday, March 22, 2013

Funny, yet pathetic

Well, the blizzard ended last night at 8pm (more than 12 hours later than the weather guys forecast), and we are digging out.

Driveway belonging to a friend of a friend
Photo from Facebook

Road crews have been going great guns trying to get the highways cleared. Until the roads are ship-shape, however, we are still stuck at home. 

Facebook photo

A funny (yet pathetic) thought occured to me: we are such an "advanced" civilization, yet right now --because of our dependence on the car-- we are more incapacitated than our forefathers were more than half a century ago. They had all kinds of ways of getting around in conditions like this, and here we are in the 21st century unable to get across our own backyards (some of us don't even own a pair of heavy-duty winter boots). When hubby gets home, I'm going to scold him for not getting me the snowshoes I asked for last Christmas. 

The Bombardier! Invented and built in Canada.

The 'caboose'--it was heated with a tiny coal or wood stove. 
Mr. P's grandmother gave birth prematurely to her youngest child in one of these 
(she was enroute to hospital, suffering from pneumonia. Everyone survived).

And of course, rural folks were great for improvising. If you needed something, but didn't have it and couldn't afford it, you built it. 

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