Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Cuts, cuts, cuts, and more cuts."

Lefty, hippie, everything-for-nothing, nanny-statism approaches its day of reckoning. Not an easy video to watch, because you know that this is just the beginning, and that Canada will not be immune. CBS (60 Minutes) video on the looming financial meltdown in various U. S. state and municipal governments.

"The problem is," say Wall Street wizards, "that no one knows how deep the [debt crisis] holes are." Comforting. Borrow like there's no tomorrow, but tomorrow is now here. Riot, scream and smash if you want to, but it won't change a thing.

CBS video money quote: "There are no guarantees that Washington will ride to the rescue." Is he serious? 'Washington' is flat broke and trillions in debt too! In fact the economy of the entire western world is collapsing. (Wonder if that had anything to do with abandoning God and embracing the Culture of Death? Naaaa...)

Government has spent too much for too long on unsustainable programs (thanks, Baby Boomers, and the culture of entitlement you spawned!). The monster is finally awakening and (sadly) most ordinary people who have scraped and saved diligently for their children's future and their own retirement will be swallowed whole. Buy land and learn how to grow potatoes and butcher chickens. And chop wood and make soap, and weave and...

h/t SDA (Yes, I was too lazy to embed the vid myself. I'm on holiday.)

P.S. Unions are evil.  


  1. Isn't this terrible - I'm counting (sweating) on the crash in North America! Then we can bring our how-to-vote cheques (ie. $5000 payment for having a baby) & middle-class welfare back with us and live large!

  2. Make sure you buy land when you get here!