Friday, December 24, 2010

Why Waffles?

Why did they chose waffles? A waffle doesn't have the same number of legs as there are wins required for a Stanley Cup. (Although with the size of today's league, the number of playoff games the champs end up playing may be equal to the number of dimples on both sides of a toaster waffle.) When your team loses ten games in a row, they don't call it a waffle-trick. (Although when they do start that, I want full credit.) It's not even as though waffles was a Toronto favorite who had an acrimonious parting with Leaf fans and was making its first appearance with its new team. (Although maybe it would help the Leafs to replace some of their players with frozen breakfast foods.)

I know this isn't a very Christmas-like post, but as Mr. Beazly said, if I wanted to find the answer, I had to strike while the (waffle) iron was hot!

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