Monday, February 14, 2011

From our "Absolutely Beyond Satire" files

Schools in Oz seeking non-religious chaplains.
 Mr Garrett's review of the $437 million federally funded National School Chaplaincy Program confirms that the vast majority of chaplains - 98.52 per cent - are Christian even though only 64 per cent of Australians identify as Christian.

A discussion paper, released on Friday, confirms that a ''large number of stakeholders'' wanted non-faith-based chaplains because they could help non-religious children and enlarge the available talent pool.

Why, pray tell, do non-religious children need "help"? Their parents have already liberated them from the tyranny and superstition of religious faith.

H/T Mark Steyn

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  1. A non-religious chaplain's prayer:

    "O random conglomerations of atoms, we gather here today...or maybe we just ran into each other by accident...."