Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I think they've got it! Or at least, they had it, for a second.

Finally, via SteynOnline's "Ports of Call", the last word on What You Can Do About Being Too Fat. You really must read the whole thing so that you'll know the following gems are actually in the article and not lines from the SNL skit, "Don't Eat Stuff Your Body Does Not Need".
“For them to have said ‘eat less’ is really new. Who would have thought?” said Margo G. Wootan, director of nutrition policy at the Center for Science in the Public Interest. “We should have been saying ‘eat less’ for a decade.” 
I am so thankful there are governments in this world who will unwrap for us such mysteries wrapped in enigmas wrapped in tacos.
“If companies don’t change their practices and reformulate their products, people don’t have a chance of following the dietary guidelines,” Ms. Wootan said.
...the government needed to help consumers, particularly those on food stamps, get access to fruits, vegetables and other foods recommended in the guidelines.

So true - it's not like the raw ingredients of food are readily available in some kind of large building where you could just go and pick them out yourself, for less than a dollar a pound in some cases, and then take them home and prepare them in a way that allows you to control the amount of sugar, fat and salt you are eating. No, we must have a government body help us "get access to" carrots. Even as they blunder toward common sense, someone is thinking hard about how to delegate the application of said common sense to a government body.

Next I hope we can get some government guidelines on whether we should buy stuff we cannot afford - 'cause I hear they're real good with money. It probably won't go anything like this.

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