Friday, February 4, 2011

The new guy on my Must-Read blog list.

You know and love him as Stanford Nutting but he also writes stuff in his normal incarnation, Kevin O'Brien. Here's a quotation from his "Sham Christ" post:

The problem with “Jesus is nice; you be nice, too” is twofold. First, Jesus was not nice. You don’t get crucified for being nice. He loves us, and love is a much more troubling thing than “being nice”.

If all the Christian faith is is “be nice and tolerant and feel good about yourself and others” then let me be the first to say – and I meant this quite literally – to hell with it.

[...] God reads our hearts; we cannot read one another’s hearts. But at the same time we are to know the true from the false among us by their fruit, and when a Church retains only one out of six, and when probably more than half of those one out of six have any serious understanding of who Christ is and what He taught, and when the best among us, our young people who have a desire to love and serve Christ, are not loving or serving Him in any way that can be distinguished from the well-intentioned secularists who surround them, then something is very very wrong.

And yet more, from another post:

And when people in their hearts really don’t believe, then at Mass you find bad music, insipid homilies, desecration of the Eucharist, and priests devoted to the sin of sodomy. You find Catholic Schools run by female principals who have no principles and who bully parents to shut up about their kids being taught to love the great Earth Goddess in “faith” class. You find normal people avoiding church and power-hungry volunteers with miserable home lives trying to take over the lay council and run things for their own agendas.

Side aching with laughter...


  1. We had this wonderful priest from the Fathers of Mercy order conduct a mission in our parish a few years back. Fr Tony Stephens has a brilliant youtube video posted on this very issue - about there being a lot of 'nice' people in hell.

  2. Great to hear from you, Mrs. B! I'll have to check out that vid.

  3. Sorry for being off the radar lately. Been pukey & feeling like I'm being drugged with sleeping tablets. Will write a you a long email asap.
    Much love xx