Monday, February 28, 2011

Guys v. Men

My newest post on MercatorNet, based on this Wall Street Journal essay, and John C. Wright's response to it.

It’s a matter of simple justice for women to have political, financial and educational freedom and equality: but feminism goes well beyond this, to the detriment of both sexes. Feminism has not only emasculated men, but (ironically) denigrated women -- by attacking marriage and motherhood, and by making sexual license a keystone of equality and liberation (something our Suffragette foremothers could never have imagined in their wildest dreams).

I like Mark Shea's thoughts on the matter:
The phenomenon of boys who linger on as "guys" rather than becoming men is endemic in our culture. It's also very very unhealthy. Note to guys: Women like men. Note to men: Guys need mentors and fathers, cuz they often have no idea how to become men.

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