Friday, February 18, 2011

No, sorry...

She sings like a little girl with talent and potential. This is singing "about eating ice cream with the voice and wisdom of a 40-year-old.":

Let's go get some ice cream
Make it the low-fat kind,
Napkins, yeah, we'll take a ream,
Oops -  left my lactose pills behind.

Chocolate cookie dough?
That'll go straight to my thighs,
The menu font is too small, you know -
Can't possibly be my eyes.

Ow, pecans make my molars hurt!
I think I need a root canal.
Hey, don't wipe your hands on your sister's shirt,
...uh, that rule included her pants as well.

Is there Blueberry Blizzard on my nose?
Time to go home, let's get in the car,
Napkins? Pfft! We could use a hose,
Aaugh - don't let the dog share your Dilly Bar!
No, don't let the dog share your Dilly Bar....

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