Friday, February 18, 2011

The Roots of Their Unhappiness

Via SteynOnline: professional grievance mongers file grievances against fellow professionals. ( I think that's a palindrome.)

It couldn't happen to nicer, PERSONS, sorry, I meant persons.  This reminds me of the excellent Simpsons episode ("There's No Disgrace Like Home") where Homer and family seek the help of Dr. Marvin Monroe in an effort to discover the "roots of their unhappiness". As an exercise in controlling their hurtful behavior they are given the capability to electrically shock one another, and, what do you know, that's exactly what they do.

I wonder if the tribunal employees will sit around fining, censoring and sensitivity-training one another into getting along? Maybe they should be issued Dr. Monroe's patented Aggression Therapy Mallets.  (Why do they keep popping into the news around Valentine's Day, anyway? It must be all the love that exists in that industry.)

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