Monday, February 28, 2011

Thanks, Mrs. Beazly

For posting on Baby Joseph, because it inspired me to write my latest Mercator post, and I even quoted you.

Heh--this is unrelated but funny. The very first comment on my Merc post contains a link to some propaganda from the London Health Sciences Centre. What--do they have some state-paid flunky trolling the net for stories on this topic in order to do damage control? Your "health care" tax dollars at work, Ontario!

The comment is posted under the name of "Concerned". Pardon me--don't you mean "Ruthless Blood-sucking Prevaricating Socialist Healthcare Bureaucrat" (or Blood-sucking Lawyer Thereof)? They even have the gall to state that the parents are not acting in the best interest of their own child--but the bureaucracy is? Oh please.

Indeed, this is what the (bureaucratically-appointed) "lawyer for Baby Joseph" has written:

He is a baby and for all of these reasons he needs and deserves to have his parents make decisions that put his best interests ahead of their own. As he has no values and beliefs they cannot base a decision, for him, based on theirs. But, in my opinion, that is what they are doing. I do not believe they are assessing what is in his best interest. If they were, I believe the result would be different and their decision would align with the hospital."

Euphemisms are amusing: "their decision would align with the hospital." ie. they would be OK with their baby suffocating to death after the removal of his breathing tube.

Bureaucracy is evil. I'm almost beginning to think we need a category. Or the Second Coming. Or something.


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