Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An open letter to Theo Caldwell and SUN TV

Dang you, Theo and SUN News TV! You’re making me lose way too much sleep. I can’t watch my new favourite shows during the day or early evening because I’m either homeschooling my children, or preparing dinner (we say supper here in the civilized parts of the nation) or doing other stuff with my family. So I tend to watch from about ten at night until the wee wee hours.

I have long admired the writing and various other antics of the likes of Ezra Levant, Charles Adler, John Robson, and Brian Lilley –what a treat to see them on TV. But Theo Caldwell! Having never before heard of him (sorry, I don’t get out much), I was impressed by his dazzling smile and witty repartee. He won me over completely by the third show (April 20), when he shrugged and said: “We are no longer lovers” (he was mocking Bob Rae—don’t ask, just watch the video). I think I laughed for two minutes straight.

And that’s such a refreshing change. The CBC news never makes me laugh, not even when the studio lights glare with extra brilliance off Peter Mansbridge’s advancing forehead (hey, if the left-lib wingnuts can diss the SUN ladies for being too beautiful, I can diss the billion dollar Mansbridge for being too bald). Theo Caldwell is not bald, and he winks at the audience. It’s been a long time since a nice young man winked at me. It’s been a long time since any man winked at me. Peter Mansbridge never winks (nor would I wish him to), but he does smirk occasionally. I don’t like smirking, especially when it accompanies values I don’t hold… and I’m paying a billion dollars for it.

I was very impressed by the Caldwell Account’s Good Friday show. As one other viewer said in his fan email, I couldn’t believe I was watching Canadian TV. Theo acknowledged--nay, dare I say, almost celebrated the fact of Canada’s having been founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

Mr. Caldwell is charming, intelligent, hilarious, and so cuuuuute! (I can say that with no hint of self-interest, since I’m happily married, and old enough to be his mom’s much younger sister.) Oh, and great start to the playoff beard.

As much as I love Ezra, Brian and company, it’s The Caldwell Account that I just can’t miss. I sure hope SUN TV isn’t just a really long, good dream I’m having, and I’ll wake up one day to find myself watching CBC reruns of Return (Yet Again, Once More) to Avonlea Meets Little Mosque on the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal’s Ode to Pierre Trudeau…In A Canoe.

After such a long, cold winter, what a joy it is to see the SUN! Now if we could only do something about the even longer Winter of our Discontent and find a way to end taxpayer funding of the CBC. If that broadcaster wants to stay on the air, it should be required to do so with PBS telethon-style fundraising. How I should like to see Peter Mansbridge come cap in hand before Joe and Sally Lunchbucket and have to smirk for his supper.


  1. I have to confess that I haven't seen much of the Caldwell Account, but I thoroughly enjoy watching Byline.

    I agree that suntv feels like a dream. It's amazing how strange it feels watching it. Canadians just aren't used to seeing this kind of stuff on TV!

  2. "...if the left-lib wingnuts can diss the SUN ladies for being too beautiful, I can diss the billion dollar Mansbridge for being too bald."

    Isn't it funny how women are allowed to dress and act any way they want until they commit ungoodthink (read 'conservative thought') in their pretty little heads.

  3. Yup, if you are an athletic babe on the Biggest Loser, or a lefty involved in the SlutWalk, then you can show off your biceps. But if you are a lovely conservative lady, then suddenly it is verboten.

  4. Ha! Mrs. B just informed me (from her sitemeter studies) that the CBC visted our site. If they visited us, that means they are googling EVERY online reference to SUN and the CBC. Losers.

  5. I am just now discovering Theo Caldwell, but I like his show a lot. Keep up the good work Sun News you are like a breath of fresh air on the Canadian landscape. Long overdue. Thanks.

  6. As a Caldwell Account religious viewer and a firm believer this is the most refreshing news program around, I am totally sadden - awe let me just say p -ticked off by this weeks sudden departure of Theo Caldwell from Sun TV. What am I to do in the afternoon - I am a retired girl and all my housework is done - no children at home(lots of grandchildren, yeah) just a cute husband and two cats. I need my fix. Will Sun TV survive? I think not.

  7. Anonymous, I am so with you. I'm so mad that SUN dropped Theo, I don't even know where to begin. What stupid fools. I don't think I'll subscribe to their channel now. Which is really too bad, because conservative TV needs support on principle. But this was very badly done. Badly done indeed!