Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another million mi$$ed

When I see really clever ideas for blogs (and the merchandise they inspire), such as Cake Wrecks, or Savage Chickens, I think to myself, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Same with new versions of ordinary products, like Snappy Socks, invented by a mother of five. Sure, they're expensive, but I figure that in 26 years of marriage and 24 of motherhood, we have thrown away a ton of perfectly good but otherwise useless unpaired socks. Where do the matching socks go? That's on my list of questions to ask God when (if) I get to heaven. I wish this lady well. But Lord, couldn't you give me a great idea too?


  1. We solved that unmatched sock problem years ago. My kids all wear unmatched socks. It's a fashion statement. I was pleased to see it's being passed on to the next gen as well. My 2-year-old grandson arrived here yesterday with a white sock and a blue sock. (I also returned the single green sock that showed up in my dryer. No one's sure if it went into the dryer as part of a matched pair or just on its own.)

  2. I am rather heartened to see that mismatched socks has become a fad; finally some of our socks in the Odd Sock Basket will get used...