Thursday, August 16, 2012

Designer Thoughts

From our Euphemisms are Funny files. I was browsing the newly updated IKEA website and was admiring these simple yet lovely dishes. (They would look so great in my future plate rack in my future newly renovated Country-Eclectic kitchen.)
Here's the product description, titled "Designer Thoughts"  
"The ARV series is inspired by Scandinavian tradition. The style is simple and rustic, with ruffled edges that give a soft look. ARV can therefore change character somewhat, depending on how you combine the different pieces. It's also inspired by the elegance of 18th century design, which in turn was borrowed from the Far East, where the service is produced today. In this way, past traditions are connected with our times, which makes ARV feel both new and familiar at the same time."

Translation: MADE IN CHINA.

Nice try, IKEA guys. I'm going to try to find a similar style, but made in a country other than China (wish me luck).


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