Sunday, August 12, 2012

If some husbands really wanted to please some wives

...they would book a surprise 25th anniversary trip (which would REALLY be a surprise, since some couples didn't take a trip last year when they were supposed to, and it's actually some couples' 26th anniversary this fall) to beautiful Prince Edward Island in mid-September and start off the holiday with a visit to the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in Fredericton.

Look who's playing at 6:00 pm on Friday, Sept. 14, in the Budweiser Blues Tent, and even with the taxes and various assorted other fees, it only costs about $60 per ticket.

That's not too much to spend in order to show your appreciation to the woman who cooked your meals, made your bed and washed your dungarees for 25, er 26 years, not to mention who also bore you seven children, and continues to bore you on a daily basis?

What a very fantastic birthday present that might make for some bloggers whose birthday is not too far away.

Alternately (in case some husbands couldn't get time off from work, which is what happened last year), if some sisters wanted to go with some other sisters on the road/plane/ferry trip of a lifetime...


  1. "bore you seven children and continues to bore you..."

    my daily chuckle.
    I hope you get to go.It sounds wonderful.

  2. "I hope you get to go." From your lips to Mr. P's ears... :)

  3. Would be a very long road/plane/ferry trip, but I think I've just decided what I want for my 40th.