Friday, August 31, 2012

TGIFWTA: update

Just found this article linked on Facebook. It's from NPR (yes, that NPR--lefty public radio). 
I and Love and You, was a crowd-pleaser in part because it speaks to universal truths; it reaches for more than mere infectiousness or agreeability, and finds what it was looking for.
Is NPR willing to admit there are universal truths? And that universal truth appeals to people? (Do I hear hell freezing over?) Is there such a thing as hell? This NPR writer hints that there might be.
Like I and Love and You, The Carpenter was produced by Rick Rubin, who sands down some of the band's rough edges on the way to another lovely, painstakingly crafted collection of songs. But the accessibility never blocks out the big, beating heart at the center of The Carpenter. The Avetts' music aims for something bigger than itself, and damned if it doesn't find it.
See lyrics of "Salvation Song" in post below. The Lord (is He the one with the big, beating heart?) moves in mysterious ways. Even on NPR.

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