Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's their weekend home

...and they probably run screaming from it by Sunday night, due to the claustrophobia. Only in Sweden.

 I understand the whole Small is Beautiful and Sustainable Living movements, but this seems like an example of well-off western eco-nuts pretending to be poor on the weekend, in order to soothe their guilty carbon-footprint consciences. It must be incomprehensible to people in underdeveloped nations who have to live like this all the time. Outhouse indeed.

 But you see, if you embrace the Tiny Sparse Lifestyle meme (even just superficially) then you really feel no obligation to help others escape their miserable conditions--those people who just want, as George Bailey would say, "A couple of decent rooms and a bath." (This clip, of course, comes from an era when people borrowed modestly, worked hard, lived modestly, and were determined to pay off their loans.) Things kind of spiralled out of control in the decades after that. Now we have unionized government workers retiring at 50 on fat pensions so that they can build a tiny crude eco-friendly house out in the country so that they can pretend to be poor and dispossessed on the weekends.

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