Monday, August 20, 2012

No (expletive) kidding

“This is the first time in 55 years (of LLLC history) this question has come up."

La Leche League Canada turns down a transgender "man" (who has, naturally --sarcasm alert-- chosen to breastfeed his baby) who wants to become a LLL Leader and breastfeeding coach.
Toward the end of his pregnancy, unsure if his reduced breasts would allow him to breastfeed, but aware of the health benefits and curious to find out, a big-bellied Trevor nervously attended his first LLLC meeting. LLLC support meetings can cover all aspects of breastfeeding, from identifying whether the baby is full to dealing with clogged milk ducts to weaning.
Oh Lord, am I ever glad I'm no longer a Leader (or in fact in any way associated with this organization), because I could not handle stuff like this. I smell a Human Rights Commission challenge or lawsuit round the corner. My thoughts and prayers are with you, LLL ladies.

h/t BCF


  1. Is s/he for real?
    Ludicrous. Especially this quote "breastfeeding doesn’t feel to me like an exclusively female task".
    Something tells me he has a little more than just "bottom surgery".

  2. Actually, he's *lacking* bottom surgery; he's still a woman from the belly button down. That's how he was able to carry a pregnancy to term. The good-news takeaway from all this; now we know that Mr. Blurn can breastfeed, if he chooses, and LLL will even help him accomplish the task. That ought to come in handy if you ever have twins again.