Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And while we're on the topic of banning foods...

...I think you actually have to stop flying Air Canada all together if you want to get away from the nuts.


  1. When we recently flew Air Canada, we were evidently in a "snack free" buffer zone. It continues to amaze me that you must pay full adult fare for a 6-year old, but they are expected to endure a four-hour flight without being offered so much as a cracker. I guess the poor airlines are just barely getting by so they can't afford it. Crazy that you have to take your own snacks on board a flight that cost you thousands to begin with. I blame Al Gore.

  2. Maybe since the ruling on nut-freedom hadn't come down they wanted to play it safe. How do they feel about bottled water?

    Given Mr. P.'s allergies, it seems ludicrous that nuts are banned but people can still have pets in the cabin.