Saturday, October 30, 2010


For those of us whose procrastination resulted in missing out on tonight's Steyn appearance in Ottawa - I'm going to rename the event "Ezrapalooza" - there is lots to enjoy over at SteynOnline in the way of various interviews. (For a blast from the recent past, check out Mark's TVO appearance from  May 6, 2008 - Mr. Beazly still occasionally uses the line, "Come on, it's not a chair issue!" It comes at about 4:30.)

Yesterday Mr. B. remarked upon how surprised I would be if he had secretly bought a couple of tickets to tonight's event, thus taking care of my Christmas, anniversary, and birthday gifts in one fell swoop.
"Yes," I agreed hopefully. "That would make a great story for the blog!"
"Unfortunately," he continued. "This story won't have that happy ending." He did, however, suggest that I wait outside the Crowne Plaza for a glimpse of Mr. Steyn, and then scream like a teenager who had just spotted the Beatles. Sounds like the story of that pie I was going to make for Mr. B. won't have a happy ending either.

Mr. Steyn made an appearance on the CBC yesterday, the video of which is also linked from his site. I laughed a little when the interviewer labeled him a "conservative" and thought of how I've never heard them label their liberal guests as such. It makes me wonder how far left one would have to be in order to earn the label of liberal from the CBC. They continually claim no bias, but they always give themselves away.

I look forward to Mark's appearance on The Michael Coren Show next week!

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