Monday, October 4, 2010

My only question is, how is this the Pope's fault?

That piece of information is basic to every discussion like this one, yet here it seems to be missing.

"We are losing control over the situation. After 2000 the numbers were stable for five or six years but then they started going up again. I don't think the health care system by itself will be able to stop this alarming trend."

Gawrsh, you mean a public health agency can't control the choices made by individual persons? YOU MEAN THE GOVERNMENT CAN'T STOP THIS?!?  Do we file this under, "The government can't even bring my mail to the right address...." or under, "That doesn't work. Let's keep doing it!":

McConnery said health officials need to work with schools, parents and teenagers to encourage more people to practise safe sex. 

You know, just like they encourage kids to use low-tar cigarettes if they're going to smoke, or to mutilate themselves with a sterile device if they've chosen the self-harming lifestyle.

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