Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy World Statistics Day!

I was going to make a cake, but apparently that would be inappropriate - it's actually a day of mourning in this country.

Do watch the video at the end, if you have 8 minutes to spare. From the funereal rendition of "O Canada" to the quote by Pierre E. Trudeau, it's a real hoot.

Mrs. P's two cents:

Money quote from the CBC article:

"It seems a bit ironic that within days of sponsoring this bill and the pronouncement of this, the government would turn around and cancel the one of the most fundamental sources of information we have," he said.

Translation: 'It really burns my bureaucratic britches that Big Brother has decided it's unnecessary (if not unethical) to pry into every detail of the daily lives of its citizens. It's downright UNSOCIALIST!'

Actually, it's good governance. Hooray for Harper.

As for the video, WHO PAID FOR IT? Probably your tax dollars and mine. After watching it, I realized I have no choice but to burn my Satirist's Association membership card. That film was utterly, completely beyond parody.

As for the concluding PET quotation, I thougth they were going to use this one: "The state has no business in the er... business of the nation." Oh wait, never mind.

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