Sunday, October 3, 2010

I have a great idea.

Why not have Mark Steyn talk to the DND now that they've canceled this guy?
Mark's coming to Ottawa soon, and I have a feeling he could speak very eloquently "on the evolution of Islam in the Canadian Forces and the positive contribution of Canada's Muslim community to our society."


  1. Mrs. B. I've been checking out Mark's work on the Ricochet podcast and now I want to kiss him too. My favorite quote so far? When asked how he would describe what he does Andrew Breitbart replied "I consider it gay swashbuckling." He had been called a homosexual because if the way he talks by union protesters at a "Stop the Hate." demonstration. Solid gold.

  2. I've been enjoying his work on Ricochet, too. I love Steyn like the tenth brother I never had. (Justin and Brent Butt are holding steady at 8th and 9th, respectively.)