Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jane Austen: Completely illiterate, if she existed at all.

That's the next headline I'm expecting. For now we just have an "expert" saying Jane Austen couldn't spell, used poor grammar, and had a great deal of "help" from her editor.

Sure. And Einstein failed grade school math, Shakespeare didn't write any of those plays, and see that box over there? It contains the bones of Jesus! Forgive me if I take this with a grain of salt - it is coming to us through journalists, after all.

You can go here to see the Austen manuscripts mentioned in the articles. I wonder how she did at math?

1 comment:

  1. Mom: "Everyone's special, Dash."
    Dash: "In other words, no one is."

    Robin Millard, "expert", wants to be just as special as Jane Austen.

    Just get over it, people: Jane Austen is the greatest girl writer of all time!