Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Double Down Saga Continues

Did I say the government wasn't going to ban the new KFC Double Down? Not so fast!

Ontario's health promotion minister says the government may review KFC's new Double Down sandwich with an eye to banning it.
"At this point in time, I am not looking at restricting anything, but certainly I don't think you can ever close the door on any-thing," Margarett Best said.

Except, of course, on this deadly chicken sandwich. This doesn't seem to jive with the "consumers have the right to choose what they eat" line they were giving us before.

"I am not looking at any restrictions on that particular sandwich at this time, but I certainly am looking at various options to see what are the possibilities in addressing that," Best said.

Here are the possibilities in addressing that: don't. It's not the government's job to tell people what to eat. As Mrs. P. remarked in the post to which I linked above, where does it end? Do we ban cheesecake next? Will you have to obtain a ration card to prevent you from buying ten cheeseburgers at once? Collectively, they contain a lot of calories, too. Don't close the door on outlawing Thanksgiving.

After they've removed all the harmful foods from the nursery, they can start looking at ways to force us to exercise, read the right books, buy carbon credits, and regulate the number of children we have. (I hear China has some experience with that.)

Thank God not everyone thinks the government should be busy banning sandwiches.

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