Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Breaking News: Ontario Declines Regulation of Chicken Sandwich!...for now

Glad someone has a shred of common sense about this. Not at the Gazette, though, given that they used the term "chickens out" in their title. I don't think KFC could have developed a better ad campaign if they had tried.

Mrs. P weighs in (no, not literally, with all those calories at stake). We at DOH simply must start a category titled "So Beyond Satire" but then, perhaps 95% of what we post would be thus tagged. If the government is going to ban Things That Are Potentially Harmful to Us, there can be absolutely, positively no end to the list. And who gets to decide? Depending upon whom you ask, even buble gum would be on the list, not to mention non-organic foods, any form of plastic, driving a car, bottled water, bungee jumping, crossing the street at the wrong time of day, breathing...

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