Friday, March 18, 2011

And here's Edna, modeling her great personality....

Those words you keep using - I don't think they mean what  you think they mean :
Ms Rajandran said given the "extremely multicultural society of Australia", she was shocked at the response, and hoped that by her speaking out about it, the practice of culling models based solely on their appearance would change.

It's apparently not a direct quote, so maybe that's not exactly what Ms Rajandran said, but in that case, this silliness is coming from a journalist. That makes it worse, I suppose, but not really surprising. Doesn't it literally make your head explode?

h/t Steyn...again. (Hey, I can't help it if they have all the interesting articles over there.)


  1. "based solely on their appearance..." LOL. To think I actually MISSED THAT the first time I read that story.

    Disclaimer: Racism in modelling (or anywhere) = double plus bad.

    But "culling based on appearance" happens every hour, every minute in that industry. Ugly girls have no recourse. Unless the Human Rights Commissions get involved. I might actually enjoy seeing that. It would be such a funny, refreshing change from their usual modus operandi of attacking Christians and conservative journalists and bloggers.

  2. Next people will be choosing perfume based solely on how it smells, or judging paintings by how they look.