Sunday, March 27, 2011

Naming names

Did you have your lights on? The Star-si was watching.

“I understand (the lights) were on for about 15 or 20 minutes while delivery food came, but were off for the remainder of the time, including when the Star reporter knocked on the door,”... 
A Star reporter saw the lights on from 8:30 until shortly after 9 p.m., that evening, but didn’t see a delivery vehicle pull up.
At the home of Miller, who was known for promoting a green agenda while Toronto mayor, two porch lights were on Saturday, in addition to the lights for the front hallway.
In the living room the overhead lights and a small lamp were also on.
Next year let's have "Watch 'The Lives of Others' Hour" instead.



  1. Spying? Naming names? Counting light bulbs? Get a life, you brain-dead Starstruck eco-fascists.

  2. Check. Check. Check. Turn the solar powered spotlight on the folks making the most noise about saving energy. Why drive a Prius when you can walk, take public transport or ride a bike?

  3. Yeah, if you're serious about reducing your footprint, what are you doing living in a triple decker?

    I like the quote about the picture of lights on being unfair because they have solar panels and they drive a hybrid. In other words, "We've purchased our indulgences - what more do you want?"

  4. If you're serious about reducing your footprint, what are you doing LIVING? Seriously. If you think humanity is a disease upon pristine Mother Earth, you have only one logical, honourable path before you: row a biodegradable boat to the middle of shark-infested seas and jump in, naked. Now. It's the only no-footprint way to go. Otherwise, have a nice hot cup of... well, Shaidle used to say it best.

  5. A nice hot cup of...shut up? Don't keep us in suspense!