Monday, March 28, 2011

Snoopy's Lent

Dear DOH readers, this is what  you get when you try to raise good Catholic children and expose them to popular culture at the same time. This story was dictated by the youngest Miss Pinkerton (6).

Snoopy's Lent

Once upon a time there was a little dog and his name was Snoopy. It was Snoopy's first Lent. He wanted to wear something special. So he found a hat in Charlie’s closet. Then he found a jacket in the closet. Of course everything was green because he thought it was a Lent colour. Then he started going outside for a walk. Then he bumped into his friend Birdie. He was starting to get ready for Lent too. Then they started picking flowers together. They didn’t get along with each other.

Then Charlie looked into his closet. He was going to wear the hat and jacket that Snoopy was wearing. He got mad at Snoopy. Then he started looking for Snoopy. Right when he saw him he called “Snoopy!” He ran as fast as he could but Snoopy ran faster ‘cause Snoopy was a dog.

Then Snoopy and Bird reached a flower garden. Then they started picking flowers. They picked too many flowers. The flowers filled up their whole house. Since they had too many flowers they gave some to the church. Then they gave some to a charity. They selled all the flowers to churches and charities. They made a lot of money. They decided they didn’t want to keep it all so they gave some to the poor. Charlie was very proud. But they kept a little bit of money. Then Charlie gave both of them a present. He gave the bird a little nest and he gave Snoopy a squeaky bone toy. They were all happy!

The End

Just one question: where does a 6-year-old kid get the idea that she’s on first-name terms with Charlie Brown?

Plus, I’m still trying to see if I can find some kind of metaphor in this story about Share Lent and Development and Peace. The comments are open for readers’ suggestions. Note that this story actually has nothing to do with Lent. Not unlike a lot of things we see happening in the church today.


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