Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Only in 2011 could this be headline material

Fashion model smokes on runway. (She could have chosen a more tasteful and politically correct accessory, like an aborted baby in a jar, or something. But that would not have garnered her any media attention.)

 WE always knew Kate Moss was one of THE biggest supermodels on the planet, but we didn't think anyone could get away with having a fag on the runway.

Wow. I'm not gonna touch that quotation with a 40-foot pole. (Note to CHRC: This is an actual excerpt from OK's website and NOT hate speech on my part.) Tolerate EVERYTHING...except Christianity and smoking. (I don't like smoking, but I like fascism even less.) I do like humour though...


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  1. Yes, enjoy that water skiing while you still have the lung capacity to do it!