Monday, March 7, 2011

A tiny bit of advice for the Conservative Government

Mr. Pinkerton recently informed me that, as part of an attempt to cut costs, the federal government plans to slash Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's budget by a whopping 20%. (AAFC is Mr. Pinkerton's employer)

That makes sense in these desperate economic times, doesn't it? Get rid of funding for peripheral  things like, oh, research into having a better FOOD SUPPLY, but leave the following untouched:

Funding for feminist groups
The freakin bunch of Nazi kanagroos that are the Canadian Human Rights Commission
Generous pay and benefits for senators-for-life, most of whom don't show up for work. Ever.

I could go on, but I won't.

The taxpayers of Canada will bless you for it. You just know that when the governement downsizes its civil service, the only ones to lose their jobs are the folks who get paid relatively little and do real work. The brain dead bureaucratic sort who make six figures, but can't actually tell you in plain words what they do for a living will continue to slurp at the public trough.


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