Thursday, March 10, 2011

"But we can not fight the Culture of Death with a Culture of Deceit."

Kevin O'Brien on the "lying for Jesus" controversy. It's a long post, and well worth your time.

This makes good sense to me. The more I think about this, the sorrier I am that I posted Lila Rose's video on this blog.

Mrs. P. weighs in: I am grateful to Kevin, Mark Shea, et al. for courageously taking and defending this stand. It hasn't been easy. I agree with them (not that it matters. Truth can stand on its own, thank you). As to posting the vid... I supposed like Pilate, we all (O'Keefe, Rose, too) have only now to say, "What's done is done." It was not done in the correct way, but it's done. God can bring good out of evil--all kinds of evil. And he will. I think we've all learned valuable lessons along the way. 

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