Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A reader writes...

(My comments in red).

"Just wondering if you know anything about Fr. **** ******, a Redemptorist priest who worked at ******  hospital in ********  for several years?  Just had a bad experience with him on the weekend at a talk he gave in ******** *****.  I have been asked to write my synopsis of his talk after I complained about him to the Archdiocese.  His talk was not taped.

Ha! Are they ever? Clever, that. Leave no evidence...

 I have suggested that all such talks be taped in the future.

I have a better idea. Video, then straight to YouTube. Maybe that would stop some of these folks from undermining church teaching, or at least expose and embarrass them a bit.

His talk was advertised as 'Reality Check - What the Catholic Church Really Teaches about moral issues such as Homosexuality, Euthanasia, Stem-cell research, Abortion, etc."  There were no handouts or outlines,

as I said, no paper trail, no evidence...

he didn't quote the Catechism once,

Really? No, REALLY? After all, the Catechism is, as one heretic nun put it, "just a springboard" for discussion. You know, like those two styrofoam swim-aid flutterboards that Moses brought down from Mt. Sinai, with the Ten Suggestions scratched into them.

he had not a set agenda.

well, that's debatable. (Though I know I'm using agenda in the figurative sense, and you meant the literal.)

 It was like a glorified, obfuscatory liberal homily.  In one word, Yuck.  Actually it was worse than that because he said at one point that he agreed with everything the Church teaches.

That's a sure sign that he doesn't. If he did, he wouldn't have to explicitly claim it--it would have been evident in his presentation.

Half truths and opposition posing as adherance to Church teaching.  Yuck, yuck again.  We were told that he did not want us to come to any conclusions

Riiiiiiiiight. After all, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Wishy-Washy Noncommittal Opinion

Just like it says in the bible: "How I wish that you were either hot or cold. But because you do not come to any conclusions, I will spew you out of my mouth."

 but just to think as Jesus would think.

Oh wow. Did he hand out some post-consumer biodegradable hypoallergenic WWJT wristbands for everyone to wear home? Where does he think we find out "how Jesus thinks"?

  Crap like that.

Hey, that sounds like a good title for the next left-lib workshop in your parish:

"Guest speaker Fr. W. Washy presents: Crap Like That: How we can call ourselves Catholic, ignore what the Church teaches, and feel all Squishy and Affirmed inside. Small group sharing. Lunch provided."
Wish you could have been there.

Yah, so my head could explode.



  1. We have readers?!

  2. Did I use the plural? No, I did not.

  3. Well I didn't send it. I record all the talks I go to on two devices.

  4. Which devices? Digital voice recorder?

  5. Would those 2 devices be an iPod & iPhone, Mr Blurn?

  6. Maybe. Or maybe the right and left half of my giant brian.

  7. My tiny housewife brain serves only to make yours look enormous lovey!