Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fools' joke?

Why not? These guys and gals are fools are year long. PETA wants a translation of the Bible that is non-discriminatory towards animals. Bill Muehlenberg at MercatorNet.

PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich: ‘Jesus taught us the importance of mercy and compassion, and this update would encourage mercy and compassion for all God's creatures - including those who have feathers, fins, and fur’.”

Bill Muehlenberg: I am reminded of another animal rights’ activist, Peter Singer, who has claimed that while it is in bad taste to eat animals, there is no morally compelling reason why we cannot have sex with them.

So Peter Singer thinks it's in "bad taste" to eat animals? Surely he puns! He's obviously never tasted bacon. Mmmmmmm...crispy, smokey bacon.


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