Sunday, March 27, 2011

So anyway, I missed it.

I missed Earth Hour...sort of. I thought about it Saturday morning, but then forgot about it when 8:30 p.m. rolled around. So, while I am happy and proud to say that on Saturday evening between 8:30 and 9:30, I was using my electric mega-mixer to mix up 8 dozen buns, and using my electric oven to bake them, and my electric clothes dryer to dry clothes, and my electric washing machine to wash clothes, and my electrically-run laptop to blog and write and surf, and the kids were watching a movie on our big screen TV, and Mr. Pinkerton was listening to the stereo when he wasn't vacuuming with the electric central vac, and the elder Misses Pinkerton were all using their laptops, and running on the electric treadmill, and listening to music, and we had most of the lights on in the house, we did not have all of them on. Nor did I open up all my blinds and curtains to let forth my light into the streets of town.
Mea culpa.
If it makes Gaia feel any better, one of the Miss Pinkertons cut her hand very badly while washing a stupid tin can, which we are supposed to wash before we recycle them. I threw the can in the garbage. I do that a lot.

Anyway, if you hate Earth Hour as much as I do, you can always read these:

Steyn Earth Hour in London
Ross McKitrick, Vancouver Sun: Earth Hour: Why I will leave my lights on
Doug Powers (no pun intended): Lighten Up for Earth Hour
Ed Driscoll

Logo courtesy SDA. Next year, I'll be ready...


  1. Mrs. Blurn and I were out for the evening but our beloved cubs set the house blazing in light while Grandma supervised. Our neighbour, no friend of the eco-terrorists, even put his Christmas lights back up for the night.

  2. I had been waiting for earth hour all year so I could keep all the lights on and when the 26th finally came I completely forgot :(

  3. On the off-chance that "ligerfanleague" is not a pseudonym of one of my three relatives who already reads this blog, welcome to the blog, Ligerfanleague! Next year DOH will post several reminders about the approach of "Clean Your Oven Hour".

  4. I am happy to report that in order NOT to miss earth hour I put all my lights on around 7:00 p.m. and then left my apartment to drive around in my car. I came back home around 8:30 and did some vacuuming, and some TV watching till 2:00 a.m. with my lights blazing all the while. But I'm not going to give my name because I am truly afraid of Eco-Terrorists!!

  5. Don't worry, Annonymous. Eco-terrorists do not read this blog.

  6. But search engines can flag us. We're bound to be on a naughty list, or will be, when they start the eco-trials and witch-hunting.

  7. Eco-friendly chap that I am, I did shut off all my lights, giving my year-round styrofoam and aerosol can bonfire a nice cozy ambiance.

    Seriously though, has anyone else noticed that since the recession, when people realized they had real problems, you don't hear all that much about climate change? My fair city of Edmonton actually drew more power off the grid during this years Earth Hour than last year, and even more than they did during the same hour the previous Saturday.

  8. KW, it's funny because it's true. When you have real problems, you don't have to make any up. (Where will Earth Hour be when the Islamists take over? No wait, when we return to the bronze age, EVERY hour will be Earth Hour...)

    I can well believe Edmonton used more power during Earth Hour this year: last year at this time there was this thing called "Spring" happening.