Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cherokees for Choice

Elizabeth Warren should start such a support/lobby group, if she hasn't already. Maybe their motto could be: "My Cheekbones, my Choice," or "My Imagination; my Heritage."

As one YouTube video (not embedded here) asks at the end: "If it was offensive for Hollywood to exploit Native Americans decades ago... Isn't it more offensive for a candidate for U.S. senate to do it today?"

American Cherokees have requested that Ms. Warren cease and desist in her ridiculous claims. Unfortunately, Ms. Warren seems reluctant to acknowledge their existence, calling it a "non-issue" and basically refusing to meet with them.

Heh. One of the Misses P. happened by when I was working on this post. Seeing an image of the blonde, blue-eyed Warren,  Miss P. says, "Is that the lady who thinks she's a Native?" and I responded in the affirmative. Miss P, tentatively (and with no irony, I assure you): "Is there something wrong with her brain, or...?"

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