Sunday, June 10, 2012

"English bells on English air"

"Something quite different now bears the name of 'Britain'”

Joanna Bogle at MercatorNet weighs in on British history and the Jubilee. Most sadly ironic quotation: 

We look back down the centuries and wonder how anybody could possibly have imagined that watching a man being hanged or beheaded could constitute an afternoon’s enjoyment.

Um, not exaclty difficult to imagine, cuz the UK is filling up with just such people.

Here's the part I enjoyed the most: 
The pageant was magnificent – British seamanship, which many might think had disappeared as a skill along with most of our Navy, still seems to be thriving. There were superb oarsmen, beautiful crafts of different sorts and sizes, lots of energetic young people. The Royal Barge was splendid. All along the river, church bells pealed – that most glorious, most beautiful of sounds, English bells on English air, and this time mingling with the shouts and cheers of a great many happy people.
It makes cultural restoration worth working for. 

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