Friday, June 15, 2012

I don't speak Communist "basic truth" Chinese

But I still think I can translate part of this news story, which is (incredibly) even being reported outside the prolife media.

The Shaanxi provincial government said in a statement that a preliminary probe had confirmed the case was "basically true"
"Crap--we got caught. Some comrade's head is going to roll."

The government did not pinpoint exactly who the perpetrators were,
"Cuz, like, it's us!"

but vowed to avoid a repeat of such a case,
"From now on, we will not get caught when we do forced late-term abortions. There will be no photographs."

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  1. "This is a serious violation of the National Population and Family Planning Commission's policies, jeopardises the population control work and has caused uneasiness in society," the provincial government said on its website.

    And by "serious violation" they mean "routine component".

    Bad breath causes "uneasiness in society". This is a little beyond that.