Thursday, June 21, 2012

You have the right to remain silent

Mrs. Beaz just sent me this link. Shocking. And no, we're not talking communist USSR, China or Cuba, but fuzzy old Ottawa. I hope I don't get arrested next time I go visit Mrs. B, and we begin our holiday with the traditional greeting, "Let the fun begin!" The security detail will think it's some kind of code language for nefarious anti-government terrorist activity.

Mrs. B. chimes in by speaking slowly into the microphone hidden in the luggage carousel:

 Indeed, we'll have to watch what we gab about as we wait for your luggage. No more "This holiday's going to be THE BOMB!" or "Our matching 'Viva Steyn' t-shirts are DYNAMITE!" or "Have you heard the EXPLOSIVE headlines about the Stasi-like surveillance practices being implemented in Canadian airports? It makes me want to violently use a pair of TOENAIL CLIPPERS or a SNOW GLOBE CONTAINING MORE THAN 100 MILLILITERS OF LIQUID!!"

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