Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hey, how about just taking the time to get to know someone?

We live in a culture of shallow values and instant gratification: fast food, easy money, on-the-spot analysis, quick fixes, instant results. Had to chuckle at this Yahoo article on judging people by their footwear. I'm sure this topic takes Mrs. Beazly back to this little gem, which gives us the inside scoop on how to "discern a man's soul by his appearance" (you know, just in case you felt an overwhelming urge to pretend to be God or anything).

Pop quiz: which of the pics below shows footwear being worn by a middle aged, Catholic homeschooling mom?


  1. You can also accurately judge 90% of a researcher's usefulness simply by looking at the studies (s)he produces.

  2. Must be a Canadian homeschool mum - the socks & sandals are a dead giveaway.