Saturday, June 9, 2012

Proud to be from Saskatchewan

Where, having lived under socialism for so many years, I never imagined I would read words such as the following:
Saskatchewan is shaking one of the pillars of union power in Canada.
I've been asking myself why Scott Walker's win in Wisconsin makes me slightly giddy and hopeful (besides the fact that it made delusional Big Labour wingnuts cry on TV).

National Post's Terence Corcoran:
Canada’s notorious Rand formula, which forces deduction of union dues by employers even for workers who decline union membership, could be vulnerable.
Woohoo! Could there be anything more ludicrous than having to fund a union you refuse to join? Yes--being forced to join a union in the first place. Oh, and then there's that tiny matter of watching, helplessly, as union thugs bosses, having stolen YOUR money, fund causes you despise and political parties you don't support and seek to influence the outcome of elections in ways you disagree with.

I'm glad our own premier Brad Wall is taking tentative steps in the direction of union reform. 

Mr. Corcoran concludes: 
Canada remains a jurisdiction that grants unions great power and limits individual freedom to refuse to join unions or to decline to pay dues to unions. [...] Canada could use a little Saskawisconsin.

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