Monday, June 4, 2012

NOW they decide 'hands-on' is a good idea.

I've been to science centers in Vancouver, Toronto, Regina, Washington D.C. and Canberra, Australia, and from what I recall they all beat Ottawa hands-down for having the most hands-on displays. In Vancouver, for example, there was a whole gallery dedicated to interactive experimentation with sound, light, and hydrodynamics. In Ottawa you can walk through the Krazy Kitchen. ("And here's another photo of me slanting to the left!") Ottawa's museum is not totally bereft of interactive displays, but there seem to be way too many long descriptions written in small fonts over things in glass cases and not nearly enough displays where you can make neat stuff happen. There used to be a fun green-screen game, which was something like a giant Kinect, but either it broke or museum officials were concerned that children were having too much fun and decided to have it removed. Maybe it's back now; I haven't been there in a while.

As you may have guessed, I also haven't seen the sex exhibit at Ottawa's Sci/Tech museum, but I trust Andrea's description is accurate. Note to whoever thought this was a great idea: groping a dummy is not what most people have in mind for hands-on scientific fun.

P.S. Does the tell-all exhibition include a Petri dish full of the STD's one is likely to contract while living out their "anything goes" approach to sexuality? Now that would be scientific.

P.P.S. This one is dedicated to the man-handled mannequins.

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