Monday, June 4, 2012

Reason to homeschool #30293877348594938

Edmonton teacher is fired because he gives zeroes (even if only on a "temporary" basis, ie, as a warning to get the work done PDQ) to students who don't do their work. He's been dubbed Captain Zero but I think it's the public school system who are the real zeroes.

National Post.

Afterthought: we at DOH don't seem to have a problem handling zeroes, do we Mrs. B? (I speak, of course, of the comboxes.)


  1. Yes....but....just because I don't do the work, doesn't necessarily mean that my fragile self esteem can take the hit of getting a zero. I'm ALWAYS a winner - even when I put forth zero effort.

  2. And people wonder why society, the economy, culture etc. are in total disarray.

  3. Ahh yes, celebrating mediocrity. And if we think the society/economy/culture are total crap at this point, just wait until this generation of teenagers grows up. Truly. Alarming. Thought.