Saturday, June 9, 2012

Crazy man, crazy!

Public service union chooses grey squares to represent their laid-off brethren.

I dig it, Daddy-O! If there's anything that makes me think of public service unions, it's a bunch of grey squares.


  1. Hahahahahahaha. Your obeservation made me laugh out loud. Then I read the story: "like the neutral public servant" hahahahahahahaha. Oh, and as for the phrase "public servant," why don't they just shorten that to one word: OXYMORON?

    One final snippet:
    "And Corbett said he probably won’t be wearing the grey square. He said there are so many “ribbons, squares and patches, red, green, black, pink around” that they are losing their impact."

    Periwinkle for "acid reflux" awareness... Mark Steyn, call your office.

  2. Word. Public servants. Who needs 'em. Oh wait.

  3. We need good public servants, because some things really are best handled by government. We don't need unions that make it impossible to get rid of bad employees and constantly stir up discontent where no cause for dissatisfaction exists.

  4. If only they behaved like servants. But the worst of them (who happen to be the highest paid of them) don't. Hence the irony.