Friday, October 26, 2012

A fate worse than JFK's

Daniel Greenfield. Words fail, except to say that he rocks. (Were he to see my posts, I hope he would not take amiss my constant comparisons with Mark Steyn. I mean it as the highest, highest praise.)
Obama will not be immortalized by a Communist with a rifle. Instead he is doomed to be mortal, his hair turning white and his musical tastes turning worse. Any day now he will admit to a fondness for Kenny G and after that there will be no saving him from the dread ravages of time.
Obama has gotten desperate. His fundraising emails walk the thin line between emotional blackmail and hysteria. Increasingly they read like Cousin Larry phoning for bail money from Tijuana.

I really don't expect anyone to watch this video, but if you do (and you last more than seven seconds)... doesn't it just take you right back to the 80's, to those times when you rode that elevator?


  1. So glad to see your blog. So much reading to do - looks great. Mariette, wonderful to find you! Have read your stuff over the years and wondered if you were still around.

    God Bless you both. I'll be around....

  2. I haven't been lost, LOL. Have you? (And did we meet in the 80's?) Don't try to tell me it was at a Kenny G. concert, because I've never gone to one. Thanks for commenting, Anonymous!

    1. Should not label myself as Anon....but I was unsure of the choices when I began....not terribly computer savvy!! My name is Barbara and I live now in the Niagara Region. Former Alberta Report and then Western Report reader. Miss that mag. But really enjoyed your stuff. And I miss the West too!

      Quite a different scene here in Ontario, with the sad excuse we have for government here. So many Catholics gone to the dark side. But blogs like yours are a ray of sunshine.

  3. Thank you, Barbara and a warm welcome to the DOH family. I know that really is quite a horrible setup; I've been in touch with numerous people who tell me they've tried to leave comments on this blog and simply can't. And I'm so computer-internet illiterate I can't help them at all! So you've done well to get this far. :)

    Since you're in Ontario, I hope you'll consider subscribing to Catholic Insight. I write a column for them every other month. I also post links here to my work on "Family Edge" blog, and my column at The Record (newspaper in Perth, W. Austrlia).